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Empty Skies - Kiva by EstivalEquinox
Empty Skies - Kiva
First female entry in Empty Skies, Kiva.
When it comes to female armor, I tend to lean a lot over the practical side and not so much what is commonly seen in video games. (It's both funny and sad the lack of logic in my opinion... because seriously it wouldn't be all that hard to die at all). A lot of my friends become fond of her design quite quickly.  I won't deny I really like it too.

Her description says it mostly in there. She's sort of the down to earth realistic one of the group, always planning and always moving. She's kind of the unofficial leader, though Seren is the main character. I can imagine her being the sort where things go wrong, and she gets flustered. I tend to pull poor Flint Diackt into that trap.
UniWolf by EstivalEquinox
A cute idea I doodled awhile back in Literature Class (on two hours of sleep) turned into this. The Poor Doc splatted in the head by Fluttershy's ice cream.  Now as I'm not one to draw ponies for fun... at all really there is a reason this exists, especially in a more "going all out" type of style.

For anyone going to :bulletorange: Everfree Northwest :bulletorange: and also if you happen to be a fan of DR.Wolf, you'll find that he will be selling prints of this image on my behalf, with his autograph included.
There may be another print with another of the mane six, but that depends on how my life goes between now and Mid-may... as I'm in the heat of finals week and afterwards, review week.

I had fun with this image though. I'm fond of how most of Fluttershy's body turned out, and of course, as DR.Wolf has human proportions, the fluidity of his body is always fun. As are the arms and hands since I based them entirely off one of my friends. The background was both fun and painful depending. I'm still pretty pleased with that willow tree. But still... like I said earlier, don't expect ponies for fun. I pretty much only draw them if I have a specific purpose, usually for a Dr.Wolf project. Humans, cats, and it seems Dr.Wolf's character are still the most 'enjoyable'
Face we have yet to see... by EstivalEquinox
Face we have yet to see...
I intended a quick doodle of my friend Alan... but it turned into an hour escape from homework. Oi. He's never made this sort of face before, I just was inspired from Akashi from Kuroko no Basuke. Out of my close friends Alan is one of the best smash players I know. Sure I can keep up with him if I'm playing with others... but it's rare he is is beaten in our group of friends.

I also decided to take a realistic approach so he couldn't tease me about my drawing sharp cheek bones on half my characters, of which I also draw on him. Hopefully we never see a face like this on him.
Empty Skies - Calamity by EstivalEquinox
Empty Skies - Calamity
Yet another character in the Empty Skies series. Probably one of my other favorite's next to Seren. The form on the right is Calamity's natural form, or Raw form. He is able to transform into a version of anything/one he attacks. The form on the left is his copy of Seren, simply an example, and his favorite stolen form because it feels... the most fulfilling.

When Calamity's emotions are eccentric in any way he starts losing the form, as you can tell from the fact he is losing his Seren form.

Despite the fact he is crazy... he actually does have a kind side too. This guy just wants to know his purpose in life. Of course, he'll do anything and I mean ANYTHING to find it.
Empty Skies - Seren by EstivalEquinox
Empty Skies - Seren
Hello all! Sorry for not uploading recently, most of what I've been doing has either involved intense finals (yay art school) or helping dear ole Doc Wolf with a new project in order to keep a bit of sanity (by sanity I mean something that forces me to take a break from school work so as to not stress out.)

This actually happens to be part of my Characters and Environments final, for a game (with a heavy emphasis on storytelling of course) called Empty Skies. I'll be uploading posters from it from characters, to gameplay, to environments... and actually because of reasons I won't go into, I'm going to be required to do an animatic. (Then again I wanted to do one to begin with.)

Extra About Seren:

For now I'll introduce you to Seren, the absolute main character, and one of the four playable characters. Though his poster focuses mostly on part of his story, Seren also happens to be the long range fighter of the playable characters. Mostly focusing on distance and speed. If you've watched Big Hero 6, Seren also has a few similarities to Baymax. Having never lived with humans, he's quite the awkward social turtle. Yet this monotone speaking boy has a genuine interest in talking/listening to anyone and everyone he meets. It's really endearing. Though his tendency to stare at the person who he is talking or listening to with the utmost focus and interest can be a little... uncomfortable at times. He means well... though he does not really get the concept of jokes or sarcasm or any social normality.
Finally I'll note the form on the left is his form on the planet. The form on the right is his 'void' form without his stars.

If you'd like to see his void form with his stars, please refer to this drawing, or it's video:…


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